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About Us

What is IYTA (NZ)?

IYTA (NZ), or International Yoga Teachers Association in New Zealand, is a non-profit Incorporated Society and Registered Charity that trains our teachers to a high standard of knowledge and understanding, and supports all yoga practitioners. It is for anyone interested in yoga - that's you!  See here for membership details.

IYTA (NZ) practises an holistic approach, seeking to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit to encourage self-development and self-awareness. Classes include all aspects of yoga practice, and vary from teacher to teacher and according to the needs of a particular group. Some classes have been created to meet specific needs e.g. pregnant women, children, the more mature, less mobile and those requiring therapeutic treatment. IYTA (NZ) teachers are trained to integrate Patanjali’s eight-fold path of classical yoga into their classes. They bring balance and variety to each class and modify the postures to suit the individual.


What is our Mission?

  • We seek to support and encourage all who wish to travel the yogic journey

  • We aim to foster connectedness through being inclusive

  • We recognise that our purpose is to provide a transformative path to health, well-being and Oneness

  • We undertake to abide by a Code of Ethics which is founded on principles of common ground and our core value


Click here to view our full Mission & Vision document.

Our Name

The International Yoga Teachers Association (NZ) Inc. is separate from, but affiliated with, the International Yoga Teachers Association, which has sister organisations in many countries, including Australia, Canada and the UK, among others.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient philosophy, thought to pre-date 3000 BC and believed to have originated around the Indus Valley in Northern India. The word Yoga literally means union or joining - the joining of the Self with all aspects of your being (however one may perceive it). Yoga is a science of life aiming to bring balance between the physical body, the mind and the spirit - i.e. between action, intelligence and the higher self. It aims to bring about physical health and peace of mind through movement, breath awareness, relaxation and meditation techniques.


Yoga is a philosophy not a religion.

Yoga is:

  • Physical awareness through physical exercises (Asana)

  • Breathing awareness through breathing exercises (Pranayama)

  • Mental awareness through concentration exercises (Dharana)

  • Emotional awareness through relaxation

  • Spiritual awareness through meditation (Dhyana)


Regular Yoga practice brings:

  • Increased strength and flexibility

  • Better concentration and increased awareness

  • Improved ability to manage stress, relaxation and heightened attention.

  • Mastery of the self


Can I do Yoga?

Yes! Anyone can practise Yoga, regardless of age, gender, ability, disability, ethnicity or religion. You may experience discomfort but you should NEVER experience pain. Initially you may find your muscles stiff, but you will be surprised by your suppleness if you practise regularly. We are all unique and have strengths in different areas, so try not to compare your abilities with anyone else in the class.


If you have a medical condition or injury, please seek professional medical advice before commencing.

What yoga style is right for me?

There are many paths to Yoga, but the main path taught in the West is Raja Yoga, which is based on the ancient scriptures of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. From these Sutras various styles of Yoga have developed.


While all yoga styles seek to balance the body, mind, and spirit, they go about it in various ways. The styles may differ in how asanas (postures) are done and where they focus the attention - e.g. on mastering and holding the posture, on strict alignment, on breathing, on the flow of movement. Some styles will use props for the asanas; others will crank up the temperature in the room and go for the sweat. No style is better than another; it is simply a matter of personal preference.

Find a teacher that you can relate to and a style that furthers your own personal growth.



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