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IYTA Teaching Diploma Course

Teaching Diploma Course

IYTA Introduction to Yoga weekend

Teaching Diploma Course

IYTA TDC student in Eagle pose

In our Teaching Diploma Course students gain knowledge and experience of yoga over 18 months of distance learning, reflecting on how they can apply it to their life, yoga practice and yoga teaching.


A weekly commitment to learning creates a solid foundation to making yoga a life-long experience in understanding ourselves and those whom we teach.

View testimonials from past graduates of the course here.

Enrolments are open for the next Teaching Diploma Course, now due to begin in February 2024. Contact the TDC coordinator for more information and to confirm the start date of the next course.

IYTA TDC student in forward bend pose
IYTA TDC students in Reverse Warrior pose
IYTA TDC students in Trikonasana

Introducing Our Tutors

Introducing the tutors for our previous 2022-2023 Teaching Diploma Course.
NOTE: IYTA NZ may make changes to this lineup for the next course.

Jo Chandler Bringins, IYTA TDC course coordinator

Jo Chandler Bringins -
TDC Course Coordinator

Jo is a Yorkshire-born and bred yogi and teacher who finally got round to training with IYTA NZ in 2018, after procrastinating for some time and being involved with the IYTA NZ at a branch level since 2015.

Being part of an active branch of the IYTA has led to new friends, experiences and a wonderful yoga community. She now combines family, yoga teaching and primary school teaching down in a beautiful part of Southland. Her passions in yoga include yoga nutrition and developing a sustainable home practice for my students.

With over 21 years experience in education, when the opportunity arose to be part of the Teaching Diploma Course, Jo jumped at it, as this course is a beautiful entry into yoga teaching and hugely transformational on a personal level. She believes that it’s an honour to support new students through this journey.

Jeanette Ida, IYTA TDC tutor

Jeanette Ida - Tutor

Jeanette is a mother, organic farmer, yoga teacher, householder and yogini. She was first introduced to Yoga as a teenager, and she immediately felt a connection to the practice. As to be expected, her personal practice has evolved over the years — however, it has always given her so much on so many levels.

Jeanette is so fascinated and in awe of the body in its form and function, that she went on to obtain a degree in Physiotherapy. She spent 20 years as a Registered Physiotherapist practising in England, the US and New Zealand, and pursuing post grad qualifications in Acupuncture, Specialist in Womens Health and Chronic Pain/Trauma.

Inspired to share the rich fruits of Yoga with others, Jeanette completed her Dip Yoga Teacher with IYTA NZ in 2016. Continuing studies include Meditation Teacher Cert (Ananda NZ) 2017, and Yoga for Addiction and Trauma 2018. She is a member of Yoga NZ.

Jeanette teaches classes and workshops from Kokoro Studio Yurt on her farm in Brightwater, Tasman, as well as leading retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings for IYTA NZ and Golden Flow.


Rachel Chapman - Tutor

Rachel is a Yorkshire-born yoga practitioner and teacher. Her teaching was born out of her love for yoga and the beautiful and profound personal journey she found herself on with yoga as a practice.

She came to New Zealand in 2007, and while in Nelson, was introduced via a yoga studio there to the yoga teacher training with IYTA. She completed this course in 2008/9 and has been teaching ever since. Rachel wanted to keep learning and sharing her knowledge with others, so in addition to teaching weekly classes, she has been a tutor for IYTA twice now: in 2014/5 and again in 2020/21.

In 2009 she completed a pregnancy and post-natal yoga teaching course in the UK, the same year her oldest daughter was born. Pregnancy yoga has become a passion for empowering women to have the best possible experience into and through the life-changing transition that is motherhood.

Rachel is known for providing inclusive, nurturing, supportive yet pragmatic pregnancy classes. She extended this teaching with a Children's Teaching Diploma with Samadhi Yoga in 2012, which has allowed her to teach from toddlers to teens. Rachel teaches all ages and stages of life, supporting her students to increase their awareness of themselves through yoga to be able to ultimately create a balanced approach to their life.

Rachel loves the continual challenges and discoveries that she makes through her own personal practice and through sharing this with others, so they will also experience the deep joy, serenity and healing that yoga has offered for her.

Nicole Busbridge IYTA TDC tutor

Nicole Busbridge -

While Nicole was doing her teacher training with IYTA (NZ), she was simultaneously studying to become an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and obtain a diploma in hypnotherapy. 


Nicole became particularly interested in effects of thoughts and language on our physiology, as well as our body’s effects on our mind.  She found that mindful use of language when teaching was deepening the students’ experiences.

Nicole’s teaching style could be described as either Functional Yoga or Integrative Yoga. To her the “why?” is important: helping students connect what they are doing in the class to some aspect of their daily lives as well as when they are teaching.


Nicole is committed to helping students be more aware of how they move; notice & improve dysfunctional movement patterns; learn techniques for meditation, relaxation and calm; and find ways to do this off the mat as well as on the mat.



If you have any further queries, please contact the TDC Course Coordinator, Jo Chandler Bringins, by email or contact your nearest IYTA (NZ) branch representative.




​​Yoga has so much to offer us all at this time.
We wish you well for your yoga journey.


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